What is EnginFrame ?

NICE EnginFrame is an advanced web front-end for accessing technical and scientific applications on-premises and in the cloud, by presenting applications as services consumed in a standard web browser by technical computing users in Oil&Gas, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Financial Services and Research markets.

NICE EnginFrame enables HPC users to get the job done faster, without facing the complexity of the underlying computing infrastructure. Users can interact with a secure, intuitive, service-oriented interface to their HPC clusters, data, licenses, batch & interactive applications.

Built on over 20 years of experience and innovation in HPC and remote visualization, NICE EnginFrame helps traditional HPC infrastructure to evolve into self-service Private, Hybrid and Public HPC Cloud.”

For who ?

Since more than 20 years, NICE EnginFrame has helped hundreds of customers worldwide, including many Fortune 2000 customers in Automotive, Aerospace, Oil&Gas, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Government and Education, to increase their users productivity.


  • Maximize HPC usability and effectiveness
  • Streamline and simplify batch & interactive workflows
  • Reduce training requirements for newer and occasional users

HPC Accessibility

  • Access HPC systems anywhere, on any device
  • Simplify adoption of advanced policies, Grids and Clouds transparently to users

  • Application-centric job submission


  • Control who can do what, when and how with ACLs
  • Protect data transfers with encryption
  • Centralized configuration and immediate deployment of services

We take care of everything.


UCit is your point-of-contact to acquire NICE products licenses for you or your clients.


We can customize your EnginFrame portal to accommodate your specific needs in terms of use and marketing.


We take care of the deployment of your new tools considering your needs and your existing system.


Our company is offering tailor-made training sessions for you and your users, operated by our experts remotely or onsite.


Make the best choice by outsourcing the support of NICE products to our proactive and efficient specialists.

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